B/C Crony Capitalism Must End


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In a nutshell, crony capitalism is the absolute perversion of our GOVERNMENT and ECONOMY. Big corporations pay big money to prop up elected officials and influence policies that protect them against competition.

Crony capitalism gives capitalism a bad name.  No other economic system has fostered more prosperity and creativity than capitalism. Government's role should only be to set basic parameters to prevent bad people from doing bad things. Limited government focused on equal protection is the only way we can conserve free enterprise and honest competition. 

Over-bloated government, complicated tax policy, and protectionist regulations epitomize crony capitalism.

The cost to society is great. Instead of allowing for innovation, competition, and diversity, our economy shrinks leaving a handful of cronies and limited options for consumers and employees.  The extreme lack of jobs and hopelessness that Americans feel is directly related to Crony Capitalism.