Top Sheriffs Support Liz Matory for Congress

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Top MD Sheriffs Gahler and Jenkins endorse Liz Matory for Congress:

To combat community destruction by illegal alien crime, drug & human trafficking

Towson, June 5, 2018 The Liz Matory for Congress campaign proudly announces the official endorsement of Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey R. Gahler and Frederick County Sheriff Charles A. “Chuck” Jenkins, Maryland’s leading law enforcement officers who have taken proactive measures to combat increased crime caused by illegal aliens.

“We need Liz as another Republican in Congress to advocate for us in Washington. If we do not do something on the federal level, more and more lives will be destroyed.” – Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey R. Gahler


“I support Liz 1000%.” – Frederick County Sheriff Charles A. Jenkins

With Sheriff GahlerLiz Matory with Sheriff Jenkins



Even though the negative impact on public safety is not fully reported, criminal activities due to unlawful entrants have grown in an exponential rate to now impact communities beyond the major cities into counties like Harford and Frederick. Over the past two decades, Maryland has been a prime destination for illegal aliens because of unofficial sanctuary policies.


Elected officials and non-profit organizations actively encourage individuals to come and remain in the region even though they do not have legal permission to work and live as residents. International terrorist organizations like MS-13 and 18th Street Gang have abused this vulnerable population through intimidation, blackmail, gang recruitment, human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and drug trafficking.


Frederick County is not in the 2nd Congressional District, but it was the first Maryland jurisdiction to participate in the 287(g) Program. For more than a decade, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has coordinated with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to screen and refer illegal entrants who have been arrested and enter the detention center within their jurisdiction. In 2016, Harford County became the second jurisdiction to participate in the agreement with ICE.


This coordination and training of local jurisdictions is similar to activities with other federal programs with the DEA and FBI. More jurisdictions will have to incorporate similar agreements as surrounding jurisdictions continue to release repeat offenders and criminals back into the community before federal authorities can acquire individuals flagged for deportation. By law, a crime does not have to be committed by an unlawful entrant in order for them to be deported, but many residents and citizens remain misinformed about immigration. 


“Because of paternalism, elected officials across the state turn a blind-eye to the devastating impact of illegals on our communities. They choose to ignore the growing issue while our neighbors and families live in a perpetual state of fear. Illegal entrants are the #1 issue for both native born and legal immigrants, but folks choose to ignore the problem leaving citizens fed up and frustrated. I have witnessed firsthand the negative impact of sanctuary policies on communities particularly in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. I am sort of the canary in the coal mine, and I am running for congress in CD2 so that more of Maryland and our country are not lost. Plus, as a child of a legal immigrant and naturalized citizen from the Philippines, I believe that the inundation and abuse of illegal aliens degrade the very citizenship that my mother and others like her fought to earn. As conservatives, we stand by the statement that we are not against immigration, we are against folks who abuse our laws and disrespect our sovereignty.” - Liz Matory  


About Liz Matory


Liz Matory is running in the Republican primary to unseat longtime incumbent Dutch Ruppersberger in Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District. She received her MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, JD from Howard University School of Law, and BA from Columbia University. She has spent her professional career as a game changer in education, marketing, and media. Liz is the author of Born Again Republican, a book she wrote with her former campaign manager, Chante Hopkins, to document Liz’s unexpected departure from the Democrat Party, becoming an unaffiliated/independent and discovering that she is actually a conservative republican in 2016. Liz formed her second company, Liberty Lives Media LLC that year to help amplify politically marginalized voices and bring truth back to media.



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