Necessary Pivot

I decided to become a Republican.

After much deliberation, soul searching, and counsel, I chose to become a republican in order to represent the 8th Congressional District and help it reach its potential.

Stepping outside of the party system was one of the best experiences I have had. I got the opportunity to connect with other voters in a neutral way.  We had honest, unfiltered conversations.  But looking forward to this year, my team and I decided that it would no longer be advantageous for me to continue as an unaffiliated candidate. The enthusiasm from the community was there, but financially an independent campaign proved unsustainable.

Blame my business mind, but we had to face the music and it was necessary to fast-forward to the next track.  Though I still believe that the hyper-polarization in Congress is destroying our country, I think the better way to address it is to become a New Republican.  The number one thing voters want is to see our congress and our country work again. This is the way we can make it happen in earnest without delay.

The only way we can ensure that we ALL get a seat at the table is for me to win the Republican Primary and the General Election in November.  Let’s face it. The House will stay in Republican hands. Do we need another Democrat debating from fringes or do we need a congresswoman who has the courage to unite us by joining the conversation.

I have spoken a lot about the gerrymandering of our district.  This was definitely the reason why I left the Democratic Party in the first place.  Admittedly, because of the rhetoric, I never thought that I could be a Republican as a Black woman.  But, since our district spans both liberal and conservative communities, I needed to learn about my republican neighbors. 

Yes, some of the policies throughout the years have had a detrimental affect, but when you go the purpose of Republican Party, we see that we were founded for the new society.  A society where for the first time in history folks could tap into your God-given potential, thrive, and produce a diverse, robust economic for the good of the republic. Never again would someone be limited by his skin color or prior economic standing.  The Republican Party was made for the 99%ers.  Now is the perfect time for all of us to embrace this principle, rejoice in our liberty, and protect our freedoms.

I need your support more than ever. This campaign has always been the underdog. But, 2016 is the year that we underdogs win. 

Please stand by me. And, let’s make some history.