Voters Asked. Candidate Answers.

Over the past few days, we have received several inquiries about important issues that I have not answered specifically on our website. Below you will find the eight (8) issues that undecided voters have posed to me, and my unfiltered answers. We may not have the millions of dollars to buy the best polled answers in the world, but these are my own opinions.

1) 2A

I support the 2nd Amendment. I actually don't trust government enough, and believe there is a reason that the founders gave us the right to bear arms. Because they understood that the power and greatness of our country lies with the people NOT the government.

I understand the concerns that folks have with urban violence and mass killings, but the laws that are proposed will not address the underlying causes and will only place undue burden on law abiding citizens. I believe we should invest in law enforcement and the ATF to make sure that they can be more effective.  And, we should enforce the laws that are already in place, but are not (for some reason) followed by the courts.

2) Isis

Isil (I don't like to say they are a state because they are not a state, and should not be given the recognition as such) is a parasitic organization that is preying off of desperate young men who find inspiration from a perverted form of Islam. We need to make sure that we have the ability to counteract the devolution of societies; however, we cannot go at it alone. We cannot be the police of the world. Not only will the world resent us and retaliate, our military cannot be drained to fight wars with no end in sight. I do believe that economic stability, strong representative democracies, and free enterprise are the only sustainable ways to end terrorism. When people have something positive to live for, they can have the ability to make better decisions for themselves and their communities. 

3) Planned Parenthood

I used to support PP. I actually use it as a young woman on occasion for check ups, but I do not think that one organization or one issue should shut down our government. If we need to investigate destructive practices by any organization, we in Congress have the duty to do so.  I am also Pro-Life meaning I respect current laws; however, I do believe that we should celebrate a Culture of Life (from conception to natural death). We as a society still stigmatize women and have not addressed the concerns that we faced pre-Roe (i.e. cultural shame, education, career, family support). We also have deteriorated fatherhood, and also gotten men off the hook from their responsibilities. We need to be more mindful of how we interact with one another. This is not something we should legislate, but as a culture, we need to be more responsible for how we live our lives.

4) Taxes for Small Businesses

As a small business owner myself, I value the power of small businesses and know that if they do not thrive, we will be done for as an economy. Small businesses and entrepreneurship provide services and resources to the community. They also birth innovation and offer most of new employee job growth. We should cut taxes and streamline regulations to allow for small businesses to succeed. I am also the only candidate in this race that has spoken out against crony capitalism - the practice of big companies to force lawmakers to levy taxes and over-regulate to get rid of competition to protect their market share.

5) Policing

We need to work with our law enforcement and communities to make sure that we regain trust and ensure public safety. Our policing must be firm, yet fair. The only way we can do that is the make sure all parties are together at the table: law enforcement, community leaders, and young people. 

Also, in light of the increase of more destructive illicit drugs in our community, we need to coordinate as a community more so now then perhaps ever before. The drug trafficking is another reason why we need to strongly enforce our border security.

6) Common Core

Though I understand the intent that the Dept of Education had to address education standards for our children, I do believe that Common Core was not only heavy-handed and coercive, it is doing more harm than good. Teaching and the joy of learning as been stripped from our schools, and replaced by constant test taking and boiled down curriculum.

7) Term Limits

I think term limits would be very healthy for our democracy. Governing bodies become stale and stagnant if they do not have fresh ideas and approaches to solve problems. Ending partisan gerrymandering, allowing open primaries, and campaign finance reform are also necessary to bring power back to the people.

8) Insider Trading by Congressional Members

This is just ridiculous. Not only is it illegal, but shameful and deteriorates public trust in one of our major institutions. You should never go into public service to get rich. Bottom line: Insider trading by congressional members is the worst form of crony capitalism, and must not only end, but guilty members should be prosecuted.