"If we don't have an economy we cease to be a country. The only way America can truly get back on her feet is to allow free enterprise to thrive and reboot our economy."" --Liz Matory

After graduating law school, Liz went back to get her MBA because she saw that the government was not paying attention to our economy. It is the backbone of our society. Liz has, and will continue to support entrepreneurship and innovation by diversifying our economy to include new technology and traditional workforce development.


Since her 2014 run for State Delegate, Liz has listened to voters in the district lament about how polarizing government has become. She's heard and understood how the Farmers in Frederick County, Factory workers in Carroll County, and unemployed Veterans of Montgomery County feel like no one cares about them anymore. Many think that money has taken over politics and that the average voter does not matter anymore.  They wonder where are the conservative and moderate representatives, that think like them. 

Before we can even get to particular issues, we need to ensure that the process remains accessible to leaders who represent their constituencies completely. She is the only candidate who has listened to our district and is brave enough to step out of partisanship to place my district first. People talk about reaching across the aisle, but we need to build bridges.


  No other candidate has the courage it takes to help save our democracy!