Economic Security

"The first issue that is critical to us is Economic Security. A lot of attention has been placed on minimum wage, but the main problem that our district faces is that there are way too many people working for base pay.  I want to bring back the American Wage. The kind of work folks built lives upon.  With this race to the bottom, we are Wal-Marting our society, and this is unacceptable. We need to invest in everyone, all over the district. College is great, but not everyone should not need it to live. Even college these days does not ensure success. Our education system should serve everyone, not just the college bound." -- Liz Matory

 Currently, the 8th district’s economic landscape is heavily imbalanced, which undermines opportunities for economic growth.

  • The top six industries within the district are made up of service industries, management, and administration.
  • Blue collar positions, that traditionally supported the middle class, are significantly underrepresented in the district.
  • All of the blue collar industries combined employ less people than the public administration industry.
  • This causes an imbalance since the available sectors are increasingly inaccessible to district residents.


The districts imbalanced economy contributes to the diminishing middle class and cannot capitalize on returning manufacturing opportunities. 

Liz will work to ensure that blue collar/skilled labor is moved out of the end-notes and back into the main agenda. Workforce development must be used to strengthen our infrastructure and increase the economic diversity of our community. We have to act now.


Industry Diversification & Work Force Development

Although the district is doing well comparatively, the singular focus on high-tech and bio-tech growth overlook opportunities to improve our current situation. Manufacturing positions are having a strong resurgence, and we need to ensure we diversify our economies across Maryland, especially in District 8! Liz plans to invest in manufacturing industries and partner with the local community colleges, universities, and companies to make sure residents are workforce ready.

The low income earners can be shifted back into the middle class if we refocus. Currently, many manufacturing jobs that were moved off shore are coming back, known as ‘reshoring’. The corporations that run these plants want more control over the product, and as overseas wages increase they want to cut out the cost of transporting these products back to the U.S. The 8th District is primed to reap the benefits of the return of these positions, under the right leadership.