Trone is Our Very Own Crony

David Trone is a textbook example of a crony capitalist! We have to stop him from becoming our congressman.

If you live in the DC area, you have seen or heard dozens of his commercials already. Hundreds of his illegal yard signs litter miles and miles of our public thoroughfares. Since Trone entered the Democrat Primary last month, he has spent at least $3 Million bragging about how he is so filthy rich he can spend "whatever it takes" to win this seat. He says he's not beholden to lobbyists, PACS, or special interest, but he IS his very own special interest and he has been for years!!

This weekend is the first time I saw him when we all participated in a Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Forum. I sat there listening to him spew cookie cutter Democrat talking points. (If you say this, Democrats will vote for you. Blah Blah Blah.) Trone loves to tell you about the millions of dollars he gives away, and that would not bother me. Except when asked about what he brings to the table, he says he has over 100 stores in 18 states and has relationships with legislators in 111 districts across the country.  

Wait. What?? So this guy who founded Total Wine & More, the Walmart of the Liquor biz, has accrued so much influence across the country he actually created the corrupt system that we suffer under. He and corrupt businessmen like him, and his fellow Wharton Alumnus Trump, have not only destroyed our government and our economy, they have destroyed our way of life!

Trone CANNOT represent our district and serve in our Congress. He just cannot. You have the power to stop him.

My favorite class at Howard Law was Antitrust. I was taught by the best. Post-Market Crash MBAs like me are trained to respect the role of business in society. Every class I took at the Smith School at Maryland gave me a better appreciation for business, both here and abroad. It is with this knowledge that I know that crony capitalism is the number one thing we need to eradicate from our country. 

All you need to do is Google "Trone and Crony Capitalism" and you'll find years of articles about his dealings from Pennsylvania to Minnesota to South Carolina. I know that's not scientific, but his dealings are out there. Here are just a handful of articles that chronicle his cronyism:

Look. They have their race to run, and I have mine. But that Fat Cat may steal the Democrat Primary, and I may be the only one left to stop him.

His fellow democrats must not understand the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism, but they are silent on this matter for some reason. (That primary has become so crazy that the New York Times wrote about it. To see how impossible Trone has made that race, visit HERE).

I cannot remain silent. He represents everything wrong with our government, and his way of business is a perversion.  

This is what it means to be a conservative. Love us or hate us, Republicans have stood up to Big Money throughout our country's history in order to conserve our Republic. We believe that crony capitalism would not survive if we had limited government.  We need to protect our district and congress from Crony Trone. 

Inaction is not an option.