An American Wage

Happy Labor Day!

We have much to celebrate today, but of course, we have a lot of row to hoe. Wage equality. Discrimination. Whistle Blower Protection. Parental Leave. Our list seems endless.

In light of all these valid needs, I wonder. 
Is the American Wage still possible in America? 

I began this conversation during last year's election. Here in Maryland we passed a minimum wage bill last year.  But, the problem that I have with the minimum wage is that we as a country have done better, and there is no reason why we should not strive for better now. Why do we have more poverty now than 50 years ago? How do we have more folks graduating from college, but stifled upward mobility?

It seems like we've lost our focus. Everyone has a special interest, but no one's primary interest is the success of our society.

When the '08 financial crisis hit, I was fresh out of law school. Many of my classmates were the first ones to lose their jobs, and many of us were unable to regain our footing. As a witness, I decided to return to school and study business because I saw that our leaders seemed caught off guard or oblivious to our economy. We cannot succeed as a nation without economic resilience, and minimum wage jobs are not going to cut it. 

Our country needs Labor, but we also need to encourage, retain, and support American Made Industry. 

We have tackled bigger obstacles as a country. I have faith that we can figure this one out too.