Liz knows how bad the system has gotten and is willing to step up and fight for our shared values and conservative principles.

She is a small business owner and author of Born Again Republican, the book about what she learned after leaving the Democrat Party, connecting with voters as an independent, and discovering that she is a conservative. Liz is on a mission to encourage more people to learn the truth about the democrat agenda to diminish our Republic and degrade the power of the voters through partisan gerrymandering. After running for Congress in 2016, Liz became very active in party building efforts across the state with the Maryland Federation of Republican Women and the Maryland Republican Party.

Her mother, Rita, is a naturalized American citizen from the Philippines and father, William, now deceased, was an American from East St. Louis, Illinois. Both were surgeons at Howard University Hospital.  Many members of Liz’s family have served in the military, including her brother, Bill, who is a major in the United States Marine Corps, father (Air Force), aunt (Army), uncles (Navy and Air Force), and paternal grandfather (Filipino and US Army, survivor of the Bataan Death March).  

Liz’s family is very important to her. The odds were stacked against them in many ways, but they are all patriots. This upbringing has fueled Liz’s life long commitment to serve her community and country.

Throughout her career, Liz has addressed issues head-on and sought to bring different interests together to create solutions.

She is the only candidate in her race who has looked to find ways to address hyper-polarized politics and systematic corruption. Liz will bring bold citizen-focused leadership back to Congress.

B.A. – Columbia University

J.D. – Howard University School of Law

M.B.A. – University of Maryland’s Robert H Smith School of Business