Today is #GivingTuesday. December 1st is the day that non-profits across the country go to the web and ask for support.

Listed below are just a few of our favorite 501(c)(3)s. Simply click on the titles below to connect to the respective links. Please take a moment today and until the end of 2015 to consider contributing to the organizations that make a difference to you and your community.

Running Start
I love love love Running Start. Though I only serve as a mentor, I continue to be inspired by the young women who participate in this phenomenal organization. Founded by Sidwell Mom Susannah Wellford,Esq., Running Start was created because young women remain only a tiny fraction of the elected officials and candidates for public office in the United States. To truly build the percentage of women leading in politics, we must get more women to run at a young age. Running Start introduces young women to role models, talks to young women about the importance of politics in their lives, and gives them the encouragement and skills to pursue a career in political leadership.  When you attend a Running Start program, you are reminded that much ground still needs to be broken. 

Wounded Warrior Project

WWP is another fantastic non-profit that is committed to helping our community members when they need help the most. Sometimes it feels overwhelming, but it is so good to know that there is a way we can help our warriors, especially those who must find a way to live on with battle scars.  Mahalo!

Young Women of Society, Inc.
Young Women of Society, Inc.  is a youth development and mentoring program designed to focus on social, emotional, and physical well-being of young girls. Providing the youth an opportunity to meet, learn, and grow together. The goal is for young girls to walk away knowing the most effective ways of making wise decisions. Educating the youth to know that performing as a good citizen, helping others, doing great in school, becoming positive leaders, understanding self-values, and portraying positive attitudes in home and other places can be the NEW NORMAL. We provide workshops that consists hands on activities, discussions, and take home literature pertaining to the topic being discussed. Also, we volunteer as a team, and provide field trips. We will design a better generation by teaching one, to teach one! 
Community Bridges
Community Bridges is a wonderful non-profit here in MD that inspires and empowers teen girls and young women, specifically from low-income and immigrant families. CB is different from other girls orgs because they focus on enhancing the self-confidence the girls who can be the most vulnerable. 
Please please please visit their site and contribute today.
Kaya Collaborative
I just learned about Kaya Co last month. It was founded by Next Gen leaders, who are Filipino-Americans like me. Growing up here in the US, they realized that they needed to reconnect with their heritage and their homeland, so they started a non-profit that organizes summer trips for children to go back to the Philippines and learn more about their parents place of birth. Many immigrant children benefit from the strides that their families have made by coming to the States, but may need that extra connection to find their truth. Kaya Co is a great new program that completes the circle of the immigrants journey. 

Martha's Table
For many of us locals, Martha's Table is the first non-profit we had ever participated in. In lower school, we prepared veggies every Wednesday to give to their soup kitchen. Over the years, MT has grown, and unfortunately so has the need for its services. They provide healthy food and early childhood education for no and low income families. Other area nutrition non-profits that could also use your support are: SOME (So Others Might Eat), Food & Friends, and Capital Area Food Bank

Hope Restored
Hope Restored is a non-profit that was founded by one of the former candidates for State Delegate in D20, Jeffery Thames. It helps individuals returning from incarceration obtain their vital records and gain access to the services that they need to have a head start in getting back on track. We can all play a part in welcoming back community members who have served their time to help reduce recidivism. 

Jubilee is an organization I got to know while I was running for State Delegate in District 18. It's a great program that provides opportunities to folks with physical and developmental difficulties. If you want to feel inspired, visit their page for some awesome champion stories.

A Wider Circle
I know I shouldn't say it, but A Wider Circle is my favorite non-profit in the area. It's right down the street from my apartment and it is the place that brings our entire community together to help our neighbors get back on their feet. AWC provides low income residents with quality furnishings, wares, beds, and clothing to help them create a comfortable home. It also provides the community with a great place to donate their household items and their time to pay it forward. Please contribute and volunteer (especially if you like retail or job development). This year, AWC started opportunities for families to pair up for a year to support each other's growth. 

American Red Cross
I had the privilege of serving as the Volunteer Community Executive of the Montgomery County Chapter for a few years. Everyone knows how important ARC can be either in times of personal tragedy or community. Please support our local area ARC. You never know when a disaster will hit.

Maryland Clean Energy Center
MCEC is the leading clean energy organization in our state that educates, connects, and supports the entire clean energy industry in MD, from consumers to service providers and from government to community leaders. I had an opportunity to work with them this Fall, and I remain a believer in their mission to help our state lead in the Clean Energy Economy through partnership opportunities and finance solutions. 

Thomas Gaiter Foundation

Howard University Hospital's Former Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thomas Gaiter and his family created The Thomas Gaiter Foundation to advocate for achieving health and academic enrichment through focus funding of committed projects in support of health education and scholarly pursuits. They provide assistance nationally and internationally to help destitute and poverty-stricken individuals. Our foundation helps disadvantaged students K-12 and underprivileged and financially challenged college students to excel in education and health. In addition to fellow donors, the family funded program who believe in our mission because we want to make a difference in the lives of others.

And remember to give to your Alma Mater!

Alumni participation is one of the many factors that help or hurt applications for foundation grants and financial partnership opportunities. $10 from an alumnus can help the school pursue more opportunities.